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Digital Darwinism

Our Innovation Framework

Digital Darwin is a deep-tech company that provides tools and solutions that help Fit-Tech and Health-Tech ventures rapidly deploy innovative use cases.

To do so Digital Darwin needed a framework which enabled it to build the tools needed while keeping an ear to the ground to not go astray.

This is where Digital Darwin's Innovation Framework, our methodology, comes in. Rather than building in a silo we decided to build the base version of the technologies needed in collaboration with the research-oriented institutions, test them as part of a live use case implemented with paying customers, and then - based on customer feedback - go back to the drawing board for iterative improvements.

We call this framework Digital Darwinism. We BUILD our proprietary tools, Package them into our revenue making platforms targeted towards industry pain points & observe ADOPTion in real world, and ADAPT per learnings to further BUILD them as technology solutions for others to consume.