Empowering innovation in Health & Fitness Tech via Deep-Tech!

Digital Darwin provides comprehensive tool-kits and solutions for various sectors, including physical rehabilitation, sports performance, general fitness, and wellness.

We enable you to innovate without the burden of R&D costs via leveraging our capabilities in cutting-edge technologies like Computer Vision, AI, and Integrated Analytics.

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Digital Darwin's Core and Tools enable rapid deployment of your innovative products and solutions. What creates the magic are our proprietary Darwin Tools, built in partnership with leading Research Universities and Organizations, available as API or SDK.







Darwin Tools
Darwin Core
Health & Fitness Devices

Drive outcomes to new levels!

Digital Darwin at center of its capabilities has the Darwin Core, a HIPAA, GDPR, & PDP compliant base layer, cloud hosted for scalability and easy dedicated instance creation aided by Security, Access, and Analytics Optimized DB.

HIPAA Compliant GDPR Compliant PDP Compliant
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Create new solutions and Enhance existing ones!

Digital Darwin's AI driven, tools together or as standalone products, give your solutions wide capabilities like Range of Motion Tracking, Motion adherence, Real time feedback and wellness triaging, Gamification, Health Modalities and Fitness Wearable Integration, Integrated Analytics, User Experience Workflows tailored to Health, Sports, and Wellness, etc.

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Hop on to our existing platform. Pre-built Solutions

We have a few solutions targeting use cases in Health, Fitness, and Wellness industry implemented with live marquee customers like Mission Walk, Sports Authority of India, & others which can be used as templates for your solutions or as inspiration for creating something better with us.


Roast your own coffee?

(Extend the technology, don't recreate)

Create your own solutions based on your use case

In-Clinic MSK Diagnosis

Advanced In-Clinic MSK Diagnosis

Virtual Fitness Coach

AI enabled Virtual Fitness Coach

Geriatric Care

At Home Geriatric

Virtual MSK Diagnosis & Therapy

Virtual MSK Diagnostics & Therapy

Fitness Reward App

Fitness Reward

Workplace Injury Risk Predictor

Workplace Injury Risk Predictor

Why Digital Darwin?



We don't just build. We co-create. Our team understands your long-term goals and customize products that are secure, scalable and aligned to your business objectives. Our Speeed.AI platform which was born where gold medals are created - Sports Authority of India (SAI). Our Tools and Solutions are used everyday by thousands of people!


5X Faster to Market

Our solutions are end-to-end, meaning we do all the heavy lifting, enabling you to launch your Deep-Tech enabled MSK Health, Fitness, Sports, and Wellness product in no time at all. Want to launch your own Advanced MSK Diagnostics tool next month? Give us a call! AI enabled Virtual Coach more your thing? No issues!


100% Customizable

One size does not fit all! Our APIs are flexible, giving us the capability to build configurable products that meet your market requirement. You dont need to chose all our tools either. We will pick the ones via a consultative engagement based on your use case. Heck you dont need to use our Core or our Workflows either. Now that's customization!


Secure & Compliant

All products we build are benchmarked with the highest industry standards. Our products are up-to-date with the latest in security and compliance. After all, without security and compliance we would not have been able to onboard 200+ Physicians, and 1000+ athletes in less than 6 months. If it is from us, it's good to go!

Possibilities are endless!

With Digital Darwin by your side you are unshackled from long build cycles and now have the flexibility to create a wide range of AI-driven solutions tailored to MSK health, sports, digital therapeutics, fitness, and wellness needs.

So the only question is,

What will you build?

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